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At Snoopy Dog we’re passionate about the wellbeing of your pets. We stock a large selection of specialised grooming products designed to keep your pet happy, healthy and looking good! As pet owners ourselves we expect the very best for our furry friends, and that’s why our dedicated team ensure that everything we sell is of the highest quality at competitive prices.


Rules to follow when bringing in your pet

It is very important that your dog  arrive with  completely dry fur before grooming,  even if it is raining or snowing outside. In addition, your dog must be "well" ventilated, i.e. the dog must not have dirt and be angry before arrival, as we do not get the opportunity finish in planned time. Don't take too long walks as the dog uses a lot of energy while standing on the table and gets cut.

Note: We do not take females during maturity as this is stressing the male dogs to come later in the day. I reserve the right to send the dog home again! If a female is discovered during the process, the surcharge will apply!

Note: We do NOT make larger filter grooming (matted fur) - As this hurts the dog!

Dog hygiene

Dogs that visit the salon MUST, especially in the months of April-October, be treated against fleas - as I do not want to groom dogs that have fleas. If your dog is not treated, you must be 100% sure it does not have fleas when it arrives.Should the accident occur, an additional fee will be charged

Accidents can happen if: The pet has mated fur - The pet is restless on the table - The pe tries to bite the scissors/machine - The pet is aggresive/insecure

Important information

Dear customers hope you are sweet and read through our Rules and Important Information sections.

  • Responsability and health insurance

    When your dog is delivered for clipping in the salon, it is the owner's responsibility if an accident occur, which is, however, extremely rare. If your dog is health insured, the insurance will cover - but still check with your insurance company. The dog's liability insurance is used in cases where the dog bites the groomer, or destroys things in the salon.

  • Schedule Adherence

    It is very important to  come at the agreed times , both for arrival and pick-up. If you arrive late, there is less time to cut the dog than planned and therefore cannot reach a full haircut before the next dog arrives. Many dogs get stressed or dislike other dogs


Full grooming: Cut / Bath / Hair / Nail / Ear

Small breeds

Yorkshire Terrier · Chihuahua
Papillon · Mini Poodle

Aproximately 650/800 Dkk , time for grooming is about (1½ hours).

Small and Medium breeds

Jack Russell Terrier · Coton de Tulear
Bichon Maltese · Bichon Frise
Shih Tzu

Aproximately 850/900 Dkk , time for grooming is about (1½-2 hours).

Large breeds

Pomerinian · Cavalier King
Cocker Spaniels · Cavapoo
Cockapoo · Shiba Inu

Aproximately 950/1100 Dkk, time for grooming is about (2-2½ hours).


Our happy furry customers

Check out our pictures with a few of the dogs that visited our salon.

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Check our Pricing

Bellow you can find more details about our prices and services.

Small breeds

kr650-800 / aprox

  • Yorkshire Terrier
    Papillon · Mini Poodle
  • Grooming TIME about (1½ hours)
  • Wash and Dry 350 - 450 kr /hour
  • Face and paws trim 225 kr
  • Nail clipping 125 kr

Large breeds

kr950-1100 / aprox

  • Pomerinian
    Cavalier King Charles Spaniel
    Cocker Spaniels · Cavapoo
  • Grooming TIME about (2 - 2½ hours)
  • Wash and Dry 550 kr /hour
  • Face and paws trim 225 kr
  • Nail clipping 125 kr

Extra Services

kr350-450 / aprox

  • Wash and Dry small 350-450 kr
  • Wash and Dry medium 350-450 kr
  • Wash and Dry large from 550 kr
  • Trim of face and paws 225 kr
  • Nail Clip125 kr


Frequently Asked Questions

Please read the bellow information to find out the most common questions and answers.

  • The answer is NO, females during maturity leave their scent and other male dogs that will come later in the day will get stressed and hard to handle.If during the grooming is discovered that the female is mature a 250 kr fee will be charged

  • If you know you are unable to come pick on the dog at the agreed time , a fee of 50kr per 15 minutes late pickup will be charged. This is why is VERY IMPORTANT to deliver and pick up the dogs exactly at the agreed time.

  • The answer is NO, we care about the dog that come to our salon and this hurts the dog.

  • The cancelation of an appointment must be done via PHONE or TEXT/SMS. If the cancelation is done by SMS , you must receive a reply from us or the cancelation is not valid. The cancelation must be done 24h before the appointment in order for us to be able to fill our scheduler with another dog.

  • Because cases like this are encountered very often an extra charge will apply at the next visit depending on how busy our scheduler is.

  • Carefully read our "Rules" on the start of the website , it will help you and your dog have a good experience when coming to our salon.


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